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A note from Penny

Finding inspiration in every turn,  um... pivot ๐Ÿ˜…

Fellow purists, 


Let me take you on a journey through the tapestry of my life, where adventure, passion, and a profound quest for meaningful connections have woven the path that has led to the birth of Grit & Grace Adventures.

Penny Light in the Sahara Desert, Morocco

My Story

In the pre-COVID era, I found immense joy and fulfillment in running an adventure travel company. It was a thrilling experience to lead groups of remarkable souls on exhilarating retreats across the globe. We embarked on shared journeys that forged unbreakable bonds, reveled in the beauty of diverse cultures, and created unforgettable memories that became the most cherished gifts of all. Moreover, my dedication to promoting tourism and showcasing the splendour of tourism properties was embodied in my marketing company based in Costa Rica.


Alas, the world came to a standstill as the pandemic ravaged the globe. COVID put an abrupt halt to all things travel and tourism, forcing me to make a difficult decision. I repatriated to Canada, where I unexpectedly stumbled upon a unique venture in the midst of global uncertainty. While shopping for Canadian-appropriate clothing, I was disheartened by the limited selection for a woman in her wisdom years. The experience was underwhelming, but it sparked a revelation – an opportunity to cater to the needs of women like myself.


Driven by the desire to empower women, I took a leap of faith and opened a women's clothing store. Little did I know that this decision would be the catalyst for a series of unexpected transformations and profound realizations. To my delight, the success of one clothing store led to the opening of another, and then yet another. Three remarkable clothing boutiques emerged, each exuding the essence of femininity, individuality, and confidence. As our community grew, I reveled in the joy of empowering women to embrace their unique selves and embark on lives of grand adventures.


Amid the laughter, shared stories, and vibrant connections with remarkable women who graced my stores, I sensed a common yearning that resonated deeply within my own soul. It was a yearning for more than just travel – a longing for meaningful travel experiences that enriched the spirit, led to cultural immersion, and fostered profound connections with like-minded women. It seemed that we were all going through a unique midlife "experience," transcending generations and bridging the gap between millennials and baby boomers. This phase of transformation and self-discovery ignited a profound thirst for exploration and a desire to savor life's most extraordinary moments.


Reflecting on my own life, I am proud to wear the badge of a self-proclaimed Life Adventure Expert. My soul has been nourished by traversing the untamed African bush, dwelling in a humble dome tent without electricity or running water, living in close proximity to the wilderness and its primal rhythm. I reveled in the heartbeat of the land, syncing my senses with the natural rhythms of the planet, and documenting the lives of a magnificent pride of lions. The thread of adventure continues to weave throughout my life. From sailing tall-ships up the Brazilian coast during carnival's festive splendor, to trekking through the awe-inspiring Himalayas and standing tall above Everest Base Camp at an elevation of 5,545 meters, where magic and breath intertwine. Exploring the raw beauty of Cuba, dancing through the vibrant streets of Europe, sleeping under the twinkling stars of the majestic Sahara – each experience has been a brushstroke on the canvas of my adventurous soul.


Yet, the essence of my journey goes beyond my own experiences. The true magic lies in the connections forged with fellow travelers, each one possessing a unique zest for life and a captivating story to share. I am enraptured by the kaleidoscope of human existence, where resilience, courage, and grace take center stage.


In my heart, I firmly believe that life is one great big adventure – an extraordinary odyssey that unfolds when we embrace it with unwavering honesty and courage. Throughout my voyages, I've learned that a better version of ourselves is always within reach, as long as we remain open to exploration and growth. Adventure travel has been my primary conduit for continuous self-discovery and personal growth. The challenges encountered on these journeys have served as profound teachers, slowing time and sharpening my senses, leaving me humbled by the vastness of the world and its wonders.

Venturing into the unknown and stepping outside our comfort zones raises our tolerance for uncertainty – a valuable life skill not only for travel but also for navigating the unpredictabilities that life presents. The lessons learned through adventure travel are timeless and applicable to all aspects of life.

Moreover, there's an intangible magic that ignites the human spirit during adventures. The connection between nature and oneself becomes a profound revelation, and in those moments, we discover the true essence of being alive.


With this profound understanding and a heart filled with passion, I bring to you Grit & Grace Adventures. It is my aspiration to share with you what travel has brought to me – a new way of seeing not just the world but ourselves as we exist on this planet. Through our journeys, we uncover the hidden capabilities that lie within us, learning invaluable lessons as we walk the seemingly endless footsteps of exploration.


Through Grit & Grace Adventures, I invite you to join me in this transformative quest – a journey to explore not only the world but also the depths of our own souls. Together, we will embrace our individuality, discover our confidence, and weave stories of big adventures. Let us create a community of like-minded souls, bound by a shared thirst for life's most extraordinary experiences.


If you find yourself yearning for more than the ordinary, if the call of exploration and connection resonates deeply within your heart, then I warmly extend my hand and welcome you to embark on this extraordinary expedition with Grit & Grace Adventures.


Yours in Adventure and Friendship,


Penny Light



Certified Yoga Instructor RYT 500 | Yoga Alliance International & Yoga Alliance USA

Certified Life Coach Practitioner

Certified Happiness At Work Practitioner

Certified Hypnolinguistics Practitioner

Certified Mindful Eating Practitioner

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Spin Teacher

Certified SurfSet Instructor

The Science of Happiness Certificate – Berkley University

Philosophy & Critical Thinking Certificate – Harvard

Existential Well-being Counselling Certificate - Harvard



Canadian Positive Psychology Association

The Centre for Mindful Eating

The Canadian Alliance of Life Skills Coaches

Life Coach Federation - Canada

Global Yoga Alliance

Yoga Aliance Canada

TICO - Travel Industry Council of Ontario Registrant 

Image by Dariusz Sankowski





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