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Magical Morocco 

Embark on a captivating journey with Grit & Grace Adventures, tailor-made for women of wisdom seeking adventure, meaningful connection, and cultural immersion. Unveil Morocco's mystique through a harmonious blend of nature and luxury, starting with a countryside villa near Marrakech. Traverse ancient trade routes, exploring kasbahs and ruins, before delving into the Sahara's enchantment at Erg Chegaga Camp. Immerse in nomadic culture, encounter weavers' artistry, and return to Marrakech's medina for exploration and relaxation. Guided by expertly crafted itineraries, relish yoga, fine dining, and camaraderie. Cherish each moment of this unforgettable odyssey, rich in experiences and lasting memories.
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Yalah! Let's go! 

Adventure Awaits 

8 days

Embark on an Exquisite Journey with
Grit & Grace Adventures: Unveiling the Mystique of Morocco

Day 1: Immersive Arrival in Marrakech

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Morocco! Touch down at RAK airport and be greeted by your personal chauffeur, who will whisk you away to our countryside villa, nestled just moments away from the vibrant heart of Marrakech. Breathe in the tranquil essence of nature while relishing the comfort of luxurious accommodations. Allow yourself to unwind by the pool or partake in an evening yoga session before savoring a delectable dinner that has been thoughtfully curated for your delight. Nestle into the tranquil embrace of your surroundings and recharge, for tomorrow ushers in a day of exhilarating exploration.

Day 2: Unveiling Agdz's Secrets

Rise with the sun, invigorated and prepared for an unforgettable road odyssey! Traverse the majestic High Atlas Mountains, retracing the footsteps of ancient trade caravans that once journeyed from Timbuktu. Wander through the valley of a thousand kasbahs, discovering the mystique of ruins and fortified cities, including the fabled Kasbah Telouet. A sumptuous lunch amid awe-inspiring vistas is followed by a jaunt to the palm oasis of Draa Valley's village, Agdz, aptly named the "resting place." Immerse yourself in an evening of rooftop yoga, relish superb cuisine, fine wine, and kindred spirits.

Day 3: Elysian Sojourn at Erg Chegaga Camp

After a revitalizing yoga session and breakfast, embrace the changing landscape as you journey south. The mountains gracefully yield to the desert's allure. Venture through the last village before embarking on an off-road escapade through the desert to our haven: Erg Chegaga. A warm Saharan tea welcome and settling into Sahara accommodations await. Surrender to the enchantment of the desert with a starlit dinner and fireside tales.

Day 4: Nomadic Discovery in Erg Chegaga

Following a sunrise yoga session and hearty breakfast, venture forth to encounter a traditional nomadic family. Immerse yourself in the Sahara's vibrant culture, learning their ancient traditions and savoring the art of making tea from the Acacia tree's sap and crafting bread using sand-made ovens. Return to camp for lunch, an afternoon of leisure, and then delight in a sunset camel ride and dune surfing before indulging in a fireside feast.

Day 5: Ouarzazate - Gateway to Comfort

Awake to a captivating Sahara sunrise or grant yourself a bit more reprieve. Depart for Taznakt village, where a visit to a women's weaving co-op reveals the mastery behind Morocco's textile treasures. Partake in a weaving journey and discover a realm of unique rugs that you can carry home. The journey continues to Ouarzazate, where a splendid hotel with a pool, evening yoga, and delectable cuisine awaits. Revel in a revitalizing shower to wash away the Sahara's embrace.

Day 6: Returning to Marrakech

Engage in morning yoga and savor breakfast before embarking on the final leg of the "Southern Loop" adventure. Return to Marrakech for a three-night sojourn. Upon arriving at our Riad, take a moment to sip tea, unpack, and unwind. Opt for an optional yoga session before an evening to remember. Don't miss the chance to immerse in a traditional hammam & massage, followed by a rooftop dinner at Riad Dar Justo.

Day 7: Immersing in the Marrakech Medina

Awaken to the mellifluous call to prayer and a delectable Marrakech breakfast, heralding a day to explore the Red City. Venture into the medina's souks or head to the renowned Jardin Majorelle. Reconvene for a culinary adventure, indulging in local delights and traditional entertainment, marking a poignant farewell to the group.

Day 8: Farewell or Delve Deeper

Following breakfast, embark on your chosen path. Depart for home with cherished memories or opt to delve deeper with a historical walking tour of Marrakech led by Adil. Explore remarkable landmarks, culminating in a sumptuous lunch. The afternoon beckons for personal exploration.

Day 9: Fond Farewells

Savor your last Moroccan morning, with breakfast and departures, or continue your journey of discovery.



Experience a voyage of a lifetime with:

  • All meals included

  • Be pampered with comfortable accommodations

  • Luxury SUV Transportation as we caravan through Morocco

  • Yoga

  • Immerse in the vibrant culture and history with included entry to monuments, palaces, Kasbahs etc.

  • Savor daily tea and snacks

  • Round-trip airport transfers

  • Guided excursions

  • Welcome gift
  • Drinking water

  • Priceless Memories

  • Lots of laughter and lifetime friendships will be made. 


ALL meals included EXCEPT

  • Lunch Day 1 (available on request if guests' flight arrives early in the day)

  • Lunch Day 7 (free day - everyone eats where/when they want)

  • Lunch & Dinner Day 8 (for anyone who stays for the tour day)

  • *The cost of a 3 course dinner IS included Day 7, but we are going to a place with alcohol, which guests can order and pay for separately on their own.

Embark on an Authentic Adventure with Grit & Grace Adventures: Your Odyssey Awaits

  • Airfair

  • Mandatory travel insurance 

  • Any pre or post trip excursions/bookings

  • Alcohol

  • Gratuitity for drivers & guides - recommended as follows: 100 MAD/10 USD per car per day for the Sahara portion; 20-50 MAD/2-5 USD per person for accommodation staff; 100-200 MAD/10-20 USD per day for a guide.  Tipping in restaurants is not arbitrary, but 5-10% is always appreciated.  In total, guests can expect to spend roughly $75 USD on tips for the entire trip.

Yallah” or يله = Let's Go!

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