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Embark on a transformative wild yoga safari in Botswana's untouched beauty. Immerse yourself in mindfulness and untamed wilderness, transcending typical safari experiences. Connect with your inner self and ancient creatures in this sanctuary where authenticity and rawness converge. Witness majestic elephants owning the land in an immersive dive into pure life. Our journey starts in a private camp in Chobe National Park, where the sounds of the wild become a soulful lullaby. As we transition to a mobile safari into Savuti and Moremi, the heart of the Okavango Delta, every step resonates with the purest essence of Earth. Join me in revisiting the most magical and wild place on our planet, where each moment invites a deeper connection with the untamed beauty that surrounds us.

Only 4 Spots Left

Aug 17 - Aug 26th


Beautiful Botswana

Aug 17 - Aug 26th

Only 4 Spots Left

Embark on a transformative journey, where the union of a yoga retreat and a safari in Botswana elevates the concept of adventure to unprecedented levels. This experience is beyond the ordinary; it's a harmonious blend of mindfulness and untamed wilderness that transcends the realms of a typical safari.


In this untouched sanctuary on Earth, where authenticity and rawness converge, imagine yoga sessions amidst the pristine landscapes, connecting not only with your inner self but also with the ancient and wise creatures that roam freely. The wildlife here becomes part of the yoga narrative, embodying the true essence of their existence in a symbiotic dance with nature.


As time seemingly pauses in this haven, a connection to a magical and heavenly realm becomes tangible. It's an opportunity to rediscover the basics of life, to truly understand what it means to be alive on this planet and to feel intertwined with something grander than ourselves. Here, amidst the very roots of creation, is where it all began.

Envision an atmosphere reminiscent of a bygone era, where time moves at a more leisurely pace, and the wilderness is savored with patience. A safari in this untamed wilderness becomes an immersive experience into pure life, where the sights, sounds, and smells are untainted by the trappings of modernity.


In Botswana, home to the largest elephant population on Earth, witness these majestic creatures behaving as if they own the land – and, in a way, they do. As guests in their colossal home, devoid of man-made intrusions, you'll be enveloped in a yoga safari that goes beyond the physical postures to connect with the very heartbeat of the wild.


Our initial nights will be spent in a private permanent camp Nestled within the vast, wild expanse of Chobe National Park in Botswana, where the sounds of the wild become a lullaby for the soul. The latter half of our adventure, transition to a mobile safari, offering an authentic African bush experience that surpasses the offerings of any safari lodge. We will adventure into Savuti, and Moremi, the heart of the Okavango Delta. This unique landscape, featured in National Geographic and BBC wildlife films, epitomizes the purest form of life on Earth. Join me in revisiting the most magical, incredible, beautiful, and wild place remaining on our planet.


Though words may fall short, anticipate an immersive journey into the heart of the wild, where every yoga session is an invitation to be present, and every encounter with untamed beauty is a moment of connection with the essence of our planet.

Day 1: Arrival at Victoria Falls

Upon arrival at Victoria Falls, be prepared to be captivated by the sheer magnificence of the natural wonder. The distant roar of the falls welcomes you, setting the tone for an awe-inspiring journey.


Day 2: Exploring Victoria Falls and Crossing Borders

Embark on a day of exploration as you visit Victoria Falls, witnessing its breathtaking grandeur. Enjoy a leisurely lunch overlooking the cascading waters. Later, cross borders and transfer to Kasane, Botswana, where a Chobe River front game drive awaits, offering glimpses of the vibrant wildlife. The day concludes with a delightful dinner.


Day 3: Embracing Tranquility

Immerse yourself in tranquility with a morning yoga session. As the sun sets, embark on a serene walk, followed by a night game drive, where the nocturnal wonders of the wild come to life.


Day 4: Mokoro Adventure and Village Exploration

Embark on a unique Mokoro experience and river safari, delving into the heart of the waterways. Followed by yoga, engage in a village tour, gaining insights into the local culture and way of life.


Day 5: Yoga and Bush Immersion

Start your day with yoga, setting a harmonious tone. Enjoy a walking safari, connecting with nature on a profound level. Indulge in a special bush yoga session and culminate the day with a dinner in the heart of the bush, surrounded by the enchanting sounds of the wild.


Day 6: Mobile Safari Commences

Awaken your senses with a morning yoga session before embarking on the mobile safari. A game drive into Savuti introduces you to the untamed landscapes and wildlife, setting the stage for an exhilarating adventure.


Day 7: Savuti's Natural Symphony

Experience the rhythmic pulse of Savuti with a morning game drive, followed by a rejuvenating yoga session. As the day winds down, engage in an evening game drive, witnessing the captivating transitions of the wilderness.


Day 8: Journey into Moremi's Majesty

Embark on a morning game drive into Moremi, a pristine wilderness. Following a yoga session, partake in an evening game drive, immersing yourself in the diverse habitats of Moremi.


Day 9: Return to Permanent Camp

After a morning game drive, enjoy yoga amidst the natural surroundings. Later, embark on a game drive back to the permanent camp, reflecting on the rich experiences. Conclude the day with a game drive to Kasane, where you'll overnight.


*Optional Scenic Flight to Kasane: Elevate your experience with a scenic flight, capturing the breathtaking landscapes from above (additional $550 per person).


Day 10: Departure

Conclude your transformative journey with airport transfers and depart Kasane, carrying the memories of an immersive and unforgettable African adventure.





$1000 USD to hold your spot



$4250 USD (deposit deducted from total)



$4850 USD (deposit deducted from total)

*Optional Scenic Flight to Kasane: Elevate your experience with a scenic flight, capturing the breathtaking landscapes from above (additional $550 per person).

About Savuti, Botswana:

Nestled within the heart of Chobe National Park, Savuti stands as a testament to the raw and untamed beauty of African wilderness. This remote and expansive landscape is renowned for its dramatic contrasts, ranging from vast, open savannahs to marshes and the mysterious Savuti Channel.


The Savuti Channel is a focal point of the region, known for its erratic and fascinating ebb and flow, making it an unpredictable water source that attracts an abundance of wildlife. It is a landscape of extremes, where the arid plains transform into lush grasslands during the rainy season, drawing in large herds of herbivores and, consequently, their predators.


Savuti is celebrated for its impressive concentrations of wildlife, including elephants, lions, hyenas, and various antelope species. The area is particularly renowned for its high predator activity, offering wildlife enthusiasts the opportunity to witness captivating interactions between predators and prey. The stark beauty of the landscape, coupled with the abundance of wildlife, creates an unforgettable safari experience in Savuti.


About Moremi:

Moremi Game Reserve, situated within the heart of the Okavango Delta, is a captivating mosaic of wetlands, woodlands, and floodplains. It is renowned for being one of the most pristine and diverse wildlife sanctuaries in Botswana, offering a harmonious blend of water and land ecosystems.


This unique reserve is characterized by its lush landscapes, encompassing both permanent water channels and seasonally flooded areas. The delta's intricate web of waterways provides a haven for an incredible array of flora and fauna. Moremi is a habitat for a rich variety of wildlife, including elephants, buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles, and numerous bird species.


The combination of diverse ecosystems within Moremi creates an ideal environment for both land and water-based safari activities. Visitors can explore the winding water channels by boat, witness the vibrant birdlife, and embark on game drives through the woodlands to encounter predators and their prey.


The diverse habitats of Moremi, coupled with its rich biodiversity, make it a sought-after destination for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers seeking an immersive and authentic safari experience within the heart of the Okavango Delta.

Oh, ya Penny also lived here for a year documenting a pride of lions - so you're in good hands! 


  • Daily Yoga

  • All Meals / drinks

  • Safari Activities

  • Accommodations - we will be in cabins in the permanent camp, and in tents whilst on the mobile safari portion of the trip. 

  • Airport Transfers

  • A life changing experience, and by that we mean your DNA will be changed from this experience. 

  • A once in a lifetime adventure


  • International Flights to and from Victoria Falls Airport VFA

  • Travel Insurance (mandatory)

  • Scenic flight 



Arrival and departure airport: Victoria Falls Airport VFA

Ethiopian Airlines


What to expect:

  • Holistic Wellness: Reconnect and recharge through yoga and meditation, with the wild as your backdrop

  • Thrilling Safari Adventures: Spot the legendary Big Five (well likely four as the Rhino is on the verge of extinction, sadly) during game drives in Chobe, Savuti and Moremi National Parks.

  • Cultural Immersion: Village tours and traditional feasts offer a glimpse into the harmonious life of the locals with the land

  • Tranquil Mokoro Rides: Experience the calmness of Botswana's waterways in a traditional dugout canoe.

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