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Are you ready ladies? 

Our Mission

Our mission revolves around embarking on transformative journeys that forge enduring soul connections. Focused on a blend of adventure, comfort, and authentic relationships, I meticulously curate experiences that encapsulate the very essence of self-exploration and sense of place.

Our shared moments will ignite the flames of self-discovery, nurture personal growth, and weave profound connections with the world around us. Join us on an intimate odyssey for engaging conversations and meaningful encounters. Delve into the realms of self-reflection, cultural immersion, and the creation of indelible memories. Embrace the uncharted territories, honor your adventurous spirit, and celebrate the beauty inherent in life's unfolding journey.

What Makes Us Special

Local Expert Guides

Expert local guides offer invaluable insights and expertise, enriching every step of your journey

Handpicked Adventures

Hand-picked (by Penny) adventures ensure curated experiences promising unforgettable moments at every turn

Hidden Gem Destinations

Hidden gem destinations unveil enchanting locales off the beaten path, promising unique and unforgettable discoveries.

Perfect for Solo Travellers

Solo travelers can embrace self-discovery, reflection, and personal exploration, both independently and within the community of like-minded adventurers they meet along the way.

Small Intimate Groups

Small group travel offers intimate, personalized adventures fostering deeper connections and shared discoveries. At Grit & Grace Adventures our groups are limited to 10 amazing women.




Aug 17 - Aug 26th, 2024

Only 4 spots Left

​Embark on a yoga safari in Botswana's untamed beauty, immersing in mindfulness and transcending typical safari experiences. Connect with your inner self where authenticity converges with rawness. Witness elephants in an immersive dive into pure life. Our journey starts in Chobe National Park, and then transitions to a mobile safari into Savuti and Moremi, the heart of the Okavango Delta. Join me in revisiting a place I once called  home,  the most magical and wild place, each moment inviting a deeper connection with untamed beauty.


Sept 7th - Sept 13th, 2024

Only Two Spots Left

Embark on a Mamma Mia Islands journey with me.


Explore rich history, from the Parthenon to enchanting landscapes. Our adventure promises more—connection, enlightenment, transformation. Join like-minded individuals for a unique experience, providing inspiring perspectives and lasting memories.


Discover the islands in style, with fun, surprises, laughter, and a touch of yoga.


Your extraordinary escape awaits—an invitation to delve into the essence of these enchanting islands, forging connections and creating timeless memories.


Nov 18th - Nov 26th, 2024


Embark on an exhilarating journey through Peru, where ancient wonders and vibrant culture converge to create an unforgettable adventure. From the colonial splendor of Lima to the mystical landscapes of the Sacred Valley and the legendary ruins of Machu Picchu, every step of this itinerary promises discovery and enchantment. Delve into the depths of history as you explore Incan temples, weave through bustling markets, and trek along ancient trails. With each experience, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Peruvian heritage, where traditions are alive and nature's beauty is unparalleled. Get ready to be captivated by Peru's breathtaking scenery, rich history, and warm hospitality on a journey that will leave you spellbound.



March 1st - 8th, 2025

Embark on a captivating journey with Grit & Grace Adventures, tailor-made for women of wisdom seeking adventure, meaningful connection, and cultural immersion. Unveil Morocco's mystique through a harmonious blend of nature and luxury, starting with a countryside villa near Marrakech. Traverse ancient trade routes, exploring kasbahs and ruins, before delving into the Sahara's enchantment at Erg Chegaga Camp. Immerse in nomadic culture, encounter weavers' artistry, and return to Marrakech's medina for exploration and relaxation. Guided by expertly crafted itineraries, relish yoga, fine dining, and camaraderie. Cherish each moment of this unforgettable odyssey, rich in experiences and lasting memories.

Costa Rica


Sept 23rd-Oct 3rd, 2025

Only Two Spots Left

Embark upon a transformative 10-night yoga retreat in Bali, beginning with a 6-night stay at a secluded private villa with direct beach access. Your experience includes daily yoga sessions to rejuvenate body and mind, wholesome breakfasts and dinners, and select lunches prepared at your villa. Enhance your stay with a traditional cooking class, a spiritual visit to a local healer, and cultural evenings featuring Barong dance and Rindik music. Mid-retreat, transition to a luxurious retreat center in Ubud for the remaining four nights. Here, continue your daily yoga practice, explore iconic Balinese sites like the Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Uma Linggah, and the Monkey Forest, and indulge in local cuisine and a Kecak dance performance. Throughout your journey, enjoy included transport services, ensuring a seamless and deeply enriching Bali experience.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

What She Said

I rediscovered myself in the Sahara! My trip with Grit & Grace Adventures in Morocco in Feb '24 was truly magical. I joined the adventure retreat to connect with women from around the globe, immerse myself in the Sahara's beauty, and spend quality time with myself. From the vibrant Medina to daily yoga sessions, everything was breathtaking. The organization was impeccable, from transportation to delicious meals. Our drivers and guides made the experience unforgettable with their energy and knowledge. It was a trip to cherish, and I even extended my stay. Thank you, Grit and Grace Adventures, for an incredible journey—I can't wait for the next one! 


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