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Chantelle Rands

Bali Yoga Guide

Hello friend! My name is Chantelle; a curious soul with a childlike, adventurous spirit. I feel most alive and in my truth while barefoot in a cold, damp + mossy forest, beach combing the shores of a salty ocean and mindlessly swimming underwater! If I can do all 3 in the same day, it’s the ultimate reset! —

Guiding people through the practice of yoga has been an ever evolving and humbling quest. When I step into the seat of the teacher, I feel like a shape shifter!; holding and influencing the energy of the room — watching, guiding and ensuring that everyone has a held + comfortable place to land and let go —

Facilitating an experience for people feels sacred to me. And watching it unravel is primal. We’re all biochemically different! Coming from different walks of life, different abilities, different joys + sorrows, gathering in togetherness. We shed, breathe, move, flow and let go. It’s raw and completely involuntary. The only prerequisite for my yoga club is that you’re alive, breathing and yes, probably reading this bio! Ah ha! Guess you’re in sister!

I received some feedback once on my teaching style; she said it felt like she was embarking on some kind of journey and had no idea where the hell she was going, but felt excited, held and ultimately supported. I chuckled; it planted a ginormous grin on my face and immensely warmed the deepest cockles of my heart. “Frickin perfect”, I thought to myself. “I think I’ve found my thing.

Light hearted, mellow + inclusive!

Let’s go on an adventure! xx

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