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The Annapurna and Kathmandu regions of Nepal, once cherished by intrepid adventurers, continue to beckon a new era of travelers with their timeless allure and cultural riches. While the iconic Annapurna range and the spiritual heart of Kathmandu often dominate perceptions, these regions hold an entire realm of enchantment for modern explorers.
As a well-worn tapestry where mountains meet spirituality, east meets west, the Annapurna and Kathmandu regions cast a spell with their breathtaking landscapes and harmonious contradictions. From the ever-shifting heights of the Annapurna peaks to the serene valleys of Kathmandu's ancient temples, this land spins a tale of contrasts and captivating mystique, inviting all who venture here to experience its magnetic charm.
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Adventure Awaits 

13 days

Unveiling Annapurna: A Trekker's Passage through Majestic Nepal

Embark on a journey of grit and grace with us as we lead you through a mindful and adventurous expedition to the Annapurna base camp. This expedition promises to nourish both your inner resilience and your soul's serenity. It's the perfect choice for explorers seeking to delve into the spiritual core of Nepal while immersing themselves in its awe-inspiring landscapes.

Nestled in Western Nepal, the Annapurna region stands as a testament to untamed magnificence. Our expedition traverses an array of terrains, cultures, and wildlife, offering you a comprehensive experience of this diverse realm.
Dive into the heart of Nepalese culture, seize the thrill of trekking in one of the world's most renowned mountain ranges, and embrace moments of tranquility through yoga practice amidst this breathtaking backdrop.

Throughout this trail, you'll traverse traditional Nepalese villages and encounter the profound presence of Buddhist monasteries. Witness the native wildlife, from the elusive blue sheep to the enigmatic black-faced langur monkeys and rhesus monkeys, before reaching the embrace of snow-capped summits.

In addition to the trek itself, your extraordinary adventure includes two days dedicated to exploring heritage sites in Kathmandu. To begin this exceptional journey, a one-way flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara will carry you to the starting point of your trek.

Join Grit & Grace Adventures for an expedition that marries resilience and elegance, inviting you to discover the heart of Nepal's spiritual tapestry while being captivated by its most splendid panoramas.
Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu - Begin your Annapurna Essence journey as you touch down in the vibrant city of Kathmandu.

Day 2: Kathmandu Discovery - Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Kathmandu through captivating sightseeing experiences that bring the city's history and charm to life.

Day 3: Exploring Kathmandu - Continue your exploration of Kathmandu, delving deeper into its intricate streets, ancient temples, and vibrant markets.

Day 4: Fly to Pokhara, Drive to Nayapul - Embark on an aerial journey to Pokhara, followed by a scenic drive to Nayapul, where your trekking adventure commences. The private jeep ride treats you to a picturesque 2-hour journey.

Day 5: Ascending to Upper Ulleri - Your trek kicks off as you ascend towards upper Ulleri, a 6-hour walk that unfolds amidst the natural beauty of the surroundings, bringing you to an elevation of 1960 meters.

Day 6: Journey to Ghorepani - Venture forth towards Ghorepani, a 5-6 hour trek that elevates you to 2860 meters. Your path is an exploration of winding trails and breathtaking vistas.

Day 7: En Route to Tadapani - Today's trek leads you to Tadapani, a 5-hour journey that takes you through diverse landscapes. Before that, enjoy a morning expedition to Poonhill for a sunrise that unveils the majestic Dhaulagiri, Annapurna South, Annapurna I, Fish Tail, and Gangapurna.

Day 8: Towards Chomrong - Embark on a 5-6 hour trek to Chomrong, a village perched at 2170 meters, offering glimpses of local life and stunning natural vistas.

Day 9: Advancing to Dovan - Trek towards Dovan, a 5-hour journey that elevates you to 2600 meters, letting you immerse in the tranquil ambiance of the region.

Day 10: Reaching Machhapuchhre Base Camp - Ascend to Machhapuchhre Base Camp, a 6-hour trek at 3700 meters. This leg of the journey brings you closer to the towering peaks and rugged landscapes.

Day 11: Culmination at Annapurna Base Camp - Trek to the iconic Annapurna Base Camp, an awe-inspiring 3-4 hour journey at 4130 meters. Spend the night here, enveloped by the grandeur of the mountains.

Day 12: Descent to Bamboo - Begin your descent, trekking back to Bamboo at 2330 meters, retracing your steps amidst changing terrains.

Day 13: Trek to Jhinu, then Return to Pokhara - Embark on a 3-4 hour trek to Jhinu, where a natural hot spring invites you to unwind. Later, drive to Pokhara, a 3-hour journey, and settle into your final night's accommodation, reflecting on the incredible journey through the Annapurna region.

-Conservation entry fees
-Trekking Permit
-TIMS permit
-One way flight to Pokhara from Kathmandu
-Hotel accommodation in Pokhara bed/breakfast
-Yoga on some days where time, and energy allows - Led by Penny Light 
-All Meals on the trek (lunch, dinner, breakfast with hot beverages) open choice during the trek.
Breakfast only is included on all days in Kathmandu 
-Full support crew with 1 porter for every 2 trekkers.
-Tea house accommodations along the trek
-Experienced local trek leader with 1:4 assistant guide to client ratio.
-Pokhara sightseeing including guide and entrance fees to sights

Not included:
-Nepal visa
-One way flight at the end from Pokhara - Kathmandu 
-Staff Tipping
-Travel or medical insurance.
-Other personal expenses - laundry, battery charges, shower, alcohol and wifi etc.
-All personal expenses including food while in Pokhara.
-International Flights

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