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Bush to Beach Safari in Kenya

Discover the heart-pounding excitement of an extraordinary journey from the untamed bush to the serene beachfront. Immerse yourself in the captivating embrace of a renowned eco-lodge nestled beneath Mount Kilimanjaro, where the Big 5 roam and vibrant sunsets await. Transitioning to the Kenya coast, uncover a different facet of paradise – ivory sands, turquoise waters, a labyrinthine mangrove estuary, and a bespoke treehouse tower. Embrace the untamed, the jubilant, and the profound landscapes of Kenya, seamlessly blending safari thrills with beach serenity.
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Adventure Awaits 

8 days

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey: Bush to Beach Safari in Kenya - COMING SOON

Example Itinerary 
This Adventure is Tailored for You If You:
  • Crave the exhilaration of nature's embrace.
  • Seek meaningful connections in the company of kindred spirits, with all logistics meticulously handled.
  • Revel in non-competitive, inclusive yoga and meditation sessions.
  • Aspire to explore the hidden gems of Africa, veering off the beaten path.
  • Desire an active yet luxurious holiday, with moments of relaxation.
What Awaits You:
  • An enchanting communion with pristine nature across two UNESCO-protected wilderness areas.
  • An intimate group of like-hearted adventurers (maximum 10), ensuring immersive moments as logistics are meticulously managed.
  • Daily yoga and meditation, curated for your journey.
  • Exclusive access to handpicked boutique lodges, renowned for their awe-inspiring allure.
  • Abundant adventurous escapades, coupled with ample relaxation time to rejuvenate your spirit.
Eco-Lodge and Safari Delights: Tawi Lodge (TBD)
Situated at the cusp of Kenya and Tanzania, beneath the grandeur of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tawi Lodge stands as an eco-champion. This award-winning, off-the-grid haven sprawls across a 3,000-acre private conservancy, a haven teeming with the Big 5. Amboseli's dynamic landscapes encompass lush wetlands nourished by the mountain's meltwater, to arid plains adorned with acacia and palm forests. Tawi Lodge's ethereal charm lies in its natural pools and indigenous trees. Each suite, elevated on stilts, is a personal sanctuary adorned with a veranda, lounge, and wildlife vistas. Here, nature's symphony becomes your daily lullaby.
Paradise Beach and Treehouse Tranquility: Watamu
Watamu Treehouse, perched above a sweeping stretch of pearl-white beach, gazes upon the Indian Ocean's azure expanse and a UNESCO-protected mangrove estuary. Crafted by hand, the two towers of the Treehouse exude a Gaudi-esque charm, adorned with vibrant glass art and architectural marvels. Each suite boasts its own allure, while the yoga sanctuary crowns the tallest tower, offering panoramic nature vistas. Nestled within the courtyard is a shaded freshwater pool, harmonizing with the lush surroundings. Culinary delights at Treehouse rival its views, leaving an indelible taste of Kenya's bounties.
Highlights of Your Kenya Adventure
  • Personalized safaris
  • Embarking from Amboseli, a cross-border jewel, we venture into a 3,000-acre private conservancy, home to Tawi Lodge. Guided safaris, including nocturnal expeditions, bush dinners, and guided walks, reveal the majestic Big 5 and the endangered Super Tusker elephants.
  • Artistry of the Treehouse
  • The Gaudi-esque towers of Watamu Treehouse celebrate nature, yoga, and Kenyan culture. Crafted with devotion, each corner narrates a unique story, an artful embodiment of passion.
  • Safeguarding the Super Tuskers
  • Amboseli's expansive wilderness serves as a corridor for the dwindling population of Super Tuskers, African elephants adorned with tusks weighing over 45 kg. Our conservation efforts directly contribute to their protection.
  • Yoga Amidst Wild Splendor
  • In the embrace of unspoiled wilderness, daily yoga and meditation sessions fuse with Africa's heartbeat, grounding you and inspiring your spirit. All skill levels are welcomed.
  • Tidal Mangrove Serenade
  • During the new moon, a tidal surge graces the marine estuary and mangrove forest near the Treehouse. Drift with the tide, followed by a Swahili breakfast on the beach – a celestial experience only during full and new moons.
Both destinations are conscious environmental stewards, embodying low carbon footprints and community engagement. Tawi's off-grid existence and the lodges' local produce philosophy underscore eco-tourism essence.
  • Luxurious accommodations at Tawi Lodge (3 nights) and Watamu Treehouse (5 nights)
  • Seamless domestic flights via Safarilink (4 flights)
  • Airport transfers, inter-lodge transfers, and excursion transportation
  • Culinary indulgences: all meals, snacks, and beverages (including alcoholic drinks)
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • Guided safari drives in Amboseli National Park and Tawi Conservancy
  • Enchanted bush dinner under starry skies
  • Guided tidal mangrove exploration with a Swahili beach breakfast
  • Stand-up paddleboarding adventure along Watamu's coast, including SUP yoga
  • Nairobi day tour with giraffe sanctuary visit and local crafts center tickets
  • Soothing 1-hour full-body massage at Watamu Treehouse
  • Flying Doctors Emergency Evacuation Cover for the entire journey
  • All conservancy, tourism taxes, and park fees
  • VIP service at Nairobi airport on arrival
  • International flights to/from Nairobi International Airport
  • Visa fees
  • Additional spa treatments
  • Souvenirs and curio shopping
  • Gratuities
  • Mandatory Travel insurance
Arrival and Departure
  • Commence your safari journey from the Four Points Sheraton Hotel Nairobi Airport or your preferred accommodation.
  • Conclude the adventure with a morning flight from Malindi directly to Nairobi International Airport. Extend your journey with custom travel plans.
Your adventure of a lifetime awaits – embrace Kenya's untamed wonders through the lens of adventure, joy, and wisdom!

Twende Zetu! or = Let's Go!

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