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Journey through Jordon

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, once a fascination for ancient adventurers, continues to captivate a new generation as a modern, lively nation.While the image of the ancient Nabataean city, Petra, hewn from rock a millennia ago, often defines Jordan in people's minds, there's an entire world waiting for today's explorers.As a well-trodden bridge between desert and sea, east and west, Jordan enchants with its captivating beauty and striking contradictions. From the ever-shifting fertility of the Jordan Valley to the tranquil expanse of remote desert canyons, this land weaves a tale of contrasts and mesmerizing allure.
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Adventure Awaits 

8 days

Discover the Enchanting Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan - A Tapestry of History and Modern Marvels

Sample Itinerary
From ancient explorers to modern wanderers, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has captured hearts across eras, evolving into a vibrant tapestry that beckons to all who seek adventure. While the iconic rock-carved city of Petra stands as an awe-inspiring testament to the past, Jordan reveals itself as a dynamic realm that beckons with modern marvels.
  • A Glimpse into Jordan's Treasure Trove:
Images of Petra, a marvel carved by the Nabataeans eons ago, have long painted Jordan's face. Yet, the nation's allure transcends this renowned site. The modern traveler finds a wealth of experiences that reveal the Kingdom's multifaceted character. Bridging continents and cultures, Jordan is a land of captivating contrasts – from the fertile Jordan Valley to the boundless desert canyons of Wadi Rum, each corner exudes its own magic. Dive into the splendid desert landscapes, marvel at the enigmatic wilderness of Wadi Rum, or find solace in the soothing embrace of the Red Sea's waters.
  • A Kingdom Etched in Time:
Modern Jordan emerged from the vision of King Abdullah I after World War I. His legacy, carried on by his grandson, the late King Hussein, who reigned for 46 years until 1999, paved the way for his son, King Abdullah II. The Kingdom has flourished, embracing peace, stability, and economic growth.
  • Immerse Yourself in a Living Tale:
Stepping onto Jordanian soil is like entering a time capsule of history and culture. Remnants of civilizations past linger, woven into the fabric of the Kingdom and imprinted in the hearts of its people. This living tale is palpable from the moment you arrive, an invitation to explore the spirit of this captivating land.
Embark on a Journey Beyond Ordinary:
Highlights Await:
  • Amman: Dive into the lively tapestry of this cosmopolitan city.
  • Jerash: Walk through the preserved corridors of a Graeco-Roman marvel.
  • Dead Sea: Experience the surreal buoyancy of floating on its serene waters.
  • Petra: Unearth the mysteries of one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.
  • Desert Nights: Find yourself under the starry desert skies, a celestial night's dream.
  • Wadi Rum: Roam the stunning sandstone desert in a four-wheel adventure.
  • Aqaba: Unwind at Jordan's exclusive city by the Red Sea.
What's in Store for You:
Inclusions to Elevate Your Experience:
  • Meet & assist at Amman Airport
  • Private transfers to/from the airport and hotel
  • 7 nights of comfortable accommodation
  • Entry VISA facilitated for you
  • Guided exploration of all sites as outlined in the itinerary
  • A thrilling 2-hour jeep safari through Wadi Rum's captivating landscapes
  • Entrance fees to all itinerary sites
  • Knowledgeable English-speaking tour guide for immersive experiences
  • Indulgent meals: breakfasts and lunches
Not Included:
  • International Airfare: Your ticket to embark on this adventure.
  • Personal Experiences: Indulge in lunches and dinners not part of the itinerary.
  • Toasts to Moments: Savor drinks along the journey, noting that alcohol availability and costs may vary.
  • Petra's Heights: Take an electric cable car for around $80 USD return to the treasury.
  • Gratitude for Guiding: Show appreciation to your guide with a suggested tip of $15 AUD per day per person.
Unlock the Gates to Jordan's Timeless Charms:
Adventure, history, and modern allure – Jordan's essence is an invitation to explore. Every corner is a gateway to discovery, every experience a chapter in a story that spans epochs. Journey with us, and let the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan become your captivating canvas of memories.

Yalla or = Let's Go!

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